17 Jul
Talib Kweli, Das Racist, Spankrock, Dale Earnhardt JR JR & more

The rattling of the above ground subway is almost audible in the new mixtape from Brooklyn collaborative effort Mosholu. Supposedly the recording process began in the legendary Bushwick bathroom of Eastern District Gallery, although producers (including Ghost Dad of WIN WIN, Picture Plane, Amaze 88, and more) were brought in to clean things up and make things dirtier all at once. At fifteen tracks, featured artists include: Talib Kweli, Das Racist, Spank Rock, Dale Earnhardt JR. JR., Telli (of Ninja Sonik), The Yellow Dogs, RES (of Idle Warship), Gun Fight, Machine Gun Kelly, Fast Years, The Wellington Papers, plus more. A hot line-up of already well-loved artists alongside fresh newcomers to watch out for. The Mosholu mixtape is a garden of every genre: house, dub, tribe, punk, psychedelic, southern rap, country, smooth jazz…Kudos to the track “Last Min” — seriously unexpected, as well as Das Racist teaming up with fellow Brooklynite Talib Kweli on “The Actual” (produced by Amaze 88, which you can download here for free). “Warner” is a really good rap number and the Spank Rock/Kool A.D. collaboration “Cheeba Cheeba” is a fun tribal house dub conglomerate. Lyrically the basic rap, punk, and Americana vocabulary is covered and righteously KOOL A.D. is there to stir things up ahem, politically. A solid mixtape to listen to — with enough variety to keep ’em all focused on it for at least the rest of the summer.

Download Eastern District Gallery “Mosholu” Mixtape HERE.

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