30 Jul
Hide a headache-curing — or causing — pill in your cufflinks

Besides looking like ecstasy pills, these cufflinks seem designed for the Austin Powers of a generation just as into pills as they are into acid. Like in a movie made in 2042 with whoever is going to be the Mike Myers of the day playing Skrillex crossed with Katy Perry. Made of nylon plastic injected with aluminum dust (which makes them sparkle) and sintered with lasers, the screwable cap is cool for stashing aspirin or other small pill-sized objects… like fake pills. Or pills that you’d actually need to sneak in somewhere. I mean, who sneaks around with aspirin? Designed by Janne Kytannen who does a lot of other cool stuff, the cufflinks are definitely much more clever than the soda can/Pringles container variety of secret storage devices. Called “Hangover Cufflinks”, they must have been originally designed with Advil in mind, but it is doubtful they would reject other substances as they’re made of laser sintered alumide. Pick them up at Kytannen’s online store Freedom of Creation for approximately $50 (€ 22).

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