18 Jul
Hot Chip's soothing slow jam gets a serious trap makeover

You may have heard Hot Chip’s track “Look at Where We Are”, from their latest album In Our Heads, as a pleasant, slower, easy listening tune. Something soothing and calm to drink your evening tea with before retiring to the comforts of your pajamas and an episode of Downtown Abbey. Well before hitting the play button below brace yourself, because Major Lazer’s remix has this track trilled the F out. Adding 808 snares, a bit of sirens, and giving the track a whole trap/reggae makeover, Diplo & Switch give Hot Chip’s number a signature Major Lazer remix. It’s amazing the capacity songs have to continue to expand sound-wise, especially when a good producer (or producers) can take it to greater limits. The remix will be released with a B-side remix of Major Lazer vs. Junior Blender, but there’s no official date yet. Keep an eye out for an announcement on Domino Records.

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