13 Jul
Malawi artist shows his "Stabby Woman" in Venice Beach

C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice Beach, Cali is currently exhibiting new work from Kid Acne in a show entitled Stand & Deliver. The new work features mono-prints, screen-prints, drawings, and paintings of a debut version of Kid Acne’s signature Stabby Women (above and in gallery pictures below). The Stabby Women embody a powerful female genotype that has come to classify the warrior woman of the 21st century. Found all over the world, the Stabby Women’s unexpected occupation of public space is a pleasant guardian of all that is sacred. Actively making graffiti, fanzines, comics and hip-hop since the early 90’s, Kid Acne has spread his commercial wings with such noticeable clientele as Prada, Levis, Volkswagen, Kid Robot, and Warp Records. Born in Lilongew, Malawi, Kid Acne and is currently based out of Sheffield, England. His Stand & Deliver exhibit is currently on view until July 21, 2012.

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