31 Jul
Taschen's compendium tome of Australian designer/artist's work

Australian born designer Marc Newson takes his ‘industrial artist’ title very seriously. Having designed practical and functional goods such as chairs, cars and planes, he’s also taken his design skills and applied them to an idea that’s well beyond this earth, as he even designed a spaceship. It’s not all grand-scale and limited edition designing for Newson, however, as he’s also created a few mass produced objects (jewelry and clothing). Over the years as he gained international notoriety Newson’s work has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, London’s Design Museum, Centre Georges Pompidou, and the Vitra Design Museum. To compress Newson’s expansive works into a single book is a tricky endeavor, but editor Alison Castle has taken it upon herself to do so. The comprehensive 610 page book catalogs some early furniture pieces such as Lockheed Lounge (which holds the world record for highest price paid for a piece of designer furniture: $2 million), to other large scale projects such as the interior of Quantas’s A380 and the Aquariva boat. To make viewing easier, the book is formatted in encyclopedia-style entries, arranged chronologically by categories such as Furniture, Objects, Interiors and Architecture, Timepieces and Jewelry, Transport as well as Unreleased Projects. Also included are extended, in-depth case studies for a selection of Newson’s most important projects: the Kelvin40 plane, previously mentioned Quantas Airbus A380, and Ikepod watches to name a few. The collectors edition is limited to 1,000 numbered and signed copies, and is one of the only comprehensive books containing a multitude of works from this extremely influential designer. Click through the Gallery to get a better idea of the craftsmanship that went into Marc Newson’s designs, and purchase the book for $1,000 via TASCHEN.

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