23 Jul
Tim Maclean "Fragments & Phantoms" exhibit at Subtext Gallery

Subtext Gallery in San Diego is hosting artist Tim Maclean’s first solo show, Fragments & Phantoms, which opened July 14 during Comic Con. The timing makes sense given Maclean’s work plays on fantasy’s invasion of the real world, much like Comic Con itself. Fantasy stems from the mental realm, or as Maclean says, “the place where the conscious and unconscious connect and archetypal patterns expand and converge.” Originally from the Scottish highlands (home to many of our favorite scotch spirits), Maclean’s work addresses the effect of language and culture upon consciousness. His work on display at Fragments & Phantoms combines the natural and the super-natural — the modern day superhero conflated with Greek gods and other legends of myth. Wonder Woman as Athena, Spiderman as Hermes, Hulk as Hercules (above). Maclean also reinterprets pop icons like Ferris Bueller and Willie Wonker, making them appear like reflections in a freak show mirror. Tim Maclean’s Fragments & Phantoms will be up the Subtext Gallery until August 31, 2012.

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