30 Jul
David Corden of Ritual Art Tattoo shop in London, UK

David Corden is one of the UK’s leading realism tattoo artists. While his work may not have the social impact or exotic skullduggery of, say, Russian Prison Tattoos, his impressive pin-ups and portraits demonstrate talent with a very keen attention to detail, smooth color transitions and striking resemblance to the source image. All of which are already hard to do on canvas, let alone on someone else’s flesh and blood (not to mention the fact you can’t really mess up, either). Of course as good as they look when first finished, you have to wonder how the realism will look after a couple decades of fading and bleeding… maybe it’ll like reality, post-psychotropic indulgence. If you want some work done for yourself, chase down Corden at Ritual Art Tattoo shop in London.

One more gallery of David Corden’s Photo-Realistic Tattoo Art after the Jump…

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