DJ OG Ron C just released Purple All Day — a chopped and screwed version of Girl Talk’s excellent All Day album (which we enthusiastically posted HERE). Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) linked up with the legendary Houston producer and gushed, “It’s an honor for OG Ron C to give my album the screwed and chopped treatment. I’ve been listening to his mixes for a long time. I love his work.” OG Ron C returns the compliment, saying “This was an amazing collab. Girl Talk’s sense of creativity and blends are incredible, it’s almost like a timewarp slingshot of some sort that makes u feel futuristic and historical all in one with the way he mixes old with new. Wow! I really enjoyed adding some Southern H-Town Purple flavor to it.” Irony aside (I mean chopping and screwing Girl Talk himself?), such an enthusiastic collaboration between two artists full of so much mutual and sincere admiration could only transcend anyone’s normal mash-up expectation. I have to comply with my previous sentence: DJ OG Ron C has given it an amaaaaaazing “Southern H-Town Purple flavor” and it tastes quite like poppin’ Champagne. As an aside, Girl Talk has released an informative statement on how he creates electronic music (especially live), iterating through personal history and tech jargon just how emotive machines really can be — all while underscoring the importance of not crowd surfing while creating a loop. It’s not all just massive party like you thought it was, and no the Pittsburgh producer is not just a professional button pusher like Deadmau5 accused Skrillex and Guetta of in his recent Rolling Stone feature. As another aside, below is a fun 10-minute video from the rockettes over at Pitchfork of a wide-eyed Gillis and gang on a first ever foray to Coney Island. As tradition, the entire remix album is available for free download on Illegal Art and on DJ OG Ron C’s website.

Girl Talk goes Daytripping with the crew at Pitchfork below…

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