5 Jul
Rally driver Jean Ragnotti races himself in different eras

If you’re a World Rally Championship fan, you may recognize former driver Jean Ragnotti in this video teaser made by French automaker Renault. The video features Ragnotti winding through a mountainous Alps roadway in a new concept car — the Renault Alpine A110-50 Supercar Concept we previewed last month — while a vintage livery-matching Renault A110 (driven by the younger version of himself) switches off leading and following on the same path. Watching both cars in action, it’s tough to decide which of the two cars you’d rather own — although the vintage Alpine might edge victorious there. It’s still unclear what the future holds for the concept car, but as stated in the preview the 400-hp, V6-powered concept could easily be prepped for real-world production.

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