2 Jul
Watch made from fragments of Apollo 11 & actual moon rocks

The release of the original ‘Space Invaders’ arcade game caused a shortage of Yen when it was first released in Japan 1978. Switzerland-based watch designer Romain Jerome was an active participant in that epic arcade frenzy, and his latest innovation is this limited edition blue version of his previous ‘Space Invaders watch which we’ve previously covered. Made in collaboration with Parisian uber boutique colette, this limited edition watch Smurfifies the invaders with the emblematic blue of the French destination shop where it can be pre-ordered today for about $14,500. There will be only eight watches made for colette in each colorway, which is also available in red, green, purple, and yellow at Romain Jerome retailers world-wide. The Romain Jerome x colette ‘Space Invaders’ watch contains steel that has been coalesced with the original fragments of Apollo 11, as well as a back plate made of Moon SilverRJ — a silver alloy containing moon rocks with an extremely low oxidation rate. Add the pixelated alien make-over, and you have a wristwatch that elevates the concept space travel to the next level.

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