18 Jul
Grotesque monsters, plenty of blood & even a body part or two

In case you didn’t pay attention, this past Friday was Friday the 13th. It’s a shame if you didn’t because they only really happen a couple times a year, but also highly expected because really who gives a crap what day of the month it is when it’s the beginning of the weekend. Having said that, unless you’re a freak and have friggatriskaidekaphobia (yes, the fear of the 13th day of the month falling on a Friday) — or you’re an even greater aberration to society and have some odd liking toward skater/street and graffiti artist Neckface — this past Friday was just another day that’s come and past. If you are a weirdo with friggatriskaidekaphobia, then you definitely did not want to be anywhere near New Image Gallery in West Los Angeles this past Friday for the official opening of the Simply the Worst, Nasty Neckface exhibit. You would have encountered all kinds of monsters you don’t want under your bed, plenty of blood, and maybe even an amputated body part or two. With latrinalia style taggings on the walls, Neckface’s Simply the Worst  setup was decked out in the essence of Neckface’s twisted, grotesque glory. Showcased was a collection of some of the California artist’s original work, as well as the release of two limited edition prints of Not One F*@k Will Be Givin and Bad Luck, No Luck. In case you didn’t get to see it in all of its effed up-ness on an effed up day, don’t worry your pretty little effed up head because here are some photos to recap the opening night of the exhibit. The 100 limited edition prints can also still be purchased at Poster Child Prints. The Simply the Worst, Nasty Neckface show runs at the New Image Gallery til this Saturday, July 21st. Swing by if you’re in Southern Cali…


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