31 Jul
German built faster, more lightweight e-bike

In addition to the presentation of their smart Fortwo at the Geneva Motorshow 2012, German tuner BRABUS and Smart presented a matching electric two-wheeler: the Smart BRABUS E-Bike. The e-bike has a 500-watt hub motor, which is double that of a regular smart bike, and weighs more than 10% less which helps the bike exceed 25 mph. The e-bike features weight-optimized cranks and pedals, carbon fiber seatpost with a fitted four-piston brake system on its front wheel. The E-bike travels on Sport Contact tires and contrasts matte black four-spoke carbon fiber wheels against the electric green leather saddle and grips. It also comes with the BoinX PL500 system which can be used with or without the throttle. With the throttle grip, the rider chooses from four power levels the degree of electrical assistance desired. Without it, pedal assist automatically pumps in power to increase the rider’s natural rhythm. This high-performance bike also makes use of regenerative braking and has a custom made iPhone holder.

A look at the black Smart BRABUS E-Bike after the Jump…

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