16 Jul
Rare footage behind the magic of Joe Strummer & Mick Jones

How much do we love The Clash? Enough to name our entire project after them, duh. Having taken in many of the best documentaries on the legendary British band, we’re always stoked when a new doc, book, comic, biopic, cartoon, porn, fanzine, Tweet, pamphlet or whatever is released. Such is the case with The Rise and Fall of the Clash, director Danny Garcia’s telling of the rise, firework explosion and demise of one of the greatest bands on Earth — “the only band that matters”, as some have dubbed them. Since forming in London in 1976, The Clash rose with the swell of British bands in the 1970s to glorious Himalayan heights, peaking with London Calling in 1979 (crowned the best album of the 1980s by Rolling Stone) — but the friction between leaders Mick Jones and Joe Strummer grew too noxious to keep The Clash together, and after tossing Mick out of the band in 1982 eventually disbanded in 1986. Both founders continued solo careers to various success (Mick with Big Audio Dynamite, Joe with The Mescaleros), but neither could summon the magic that they shared together — even if they hated each other’s guts. Which will forever be one of the biggest bummers in Rock & Roll history. Culling old videos for rare and never-before-seen footage, The Rise and Fall of the Clash has the potential for plenty of magic of its own. No word yet on release, but we’ll keep you posted…

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