25 Jul
Canada & UK unite for debut on Warp/LuckyMe Records

TNGHT, comprised of Canadian producer Lunice and UK producer Hudson Mohawke, released their debut self-titled EP yesterday via Warp/LuckyMe Records, and boy is it something. The last time I remember being this engaged listening to a song for the first time was Sleigh Bells “Tell Em”, a complete drum & bass arsenal on your ear, in the best way possible. Both Lunice and HudMo respectively have drawn in a similar crowd through their common interest and influence of hip hop, and their musical stylings and similarities are readily apparent on this killer 5 song EP: hip hop beats slammed with a ton of snare, and in the case of the track “Higher Ground” synthesized tuba that’s just outrageous enough to think, ‘Why’s this here?’ and ‘Is it wrong I like this a lot?’. The answer being, of course, “because”, and “no”. Hit play below to listen to the EP sampler, and click here to listen to the stream of the entire EP on YouTube. When you decide that you can’t live without it, pick it up via iTunes for only $4.

Hit the Jump for the complete tracklisting of TNGHT…

TNGHT Tracklisting:

A1. Top Floor
A2. Goooo
A3. Higher Ground
B1. Bugg’n
B2. Easy Easy

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