30 Aug
Angry midgets with 40s, clown beatdowns & plenty of strippers

Even by Swag Rap standards, the latest by 2 Chainz raises the absurdity to retarded new levels. With a great verse by a threesome-pushing Yeezy, the Andreas Nilsson directed video for “Birthday Song” brings midgets spraying 40 ozs, dancing Pakistanis, booty cakes, clown beatdowns and of course copious strippers to the best party to hit College Park since Outkast threw that “Player’s Ball” waaaaay back in 1993. This one goes out with firecrackers to my boy Danny Lee who celebrated his birthday yesterday — let’s throw one of these in the Hills when you get back from Brooklyn!

Y’all been together for 10 years you deserve a ménage
Specially if you put that BMW in the garage
Paid a couple of payments in her mama’s crib
Went to her niece’s graduation — man I hate those kids!

“Birthday Song” is off of 2 Chainz’s Based On A T.R.U. Story…

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