28 Aug
Poland presents it’s second 230 MPH supercar offering

About a year ago upstart Polish automaker Arrinera Automotive made waves with the unveiling of their Arrinera De Veno, and have taken their time since to produce yet another supercar, the Hussarya. During that time they took it to the books, and testing some laws of physics with Dr. Janusz Piechna Ph.D. D.Sc. at the Warsaw University of Technology, ensuring the aerodynamics of the body structure could handle speeds of 360 km/h (about 230 MPH), as much of the inspiration for the new design came from air motion. CEO Lukasz Tomkiewicz states the “Arrinera Hussarya was created for automobile enthusiasts with a passion for fast and beautiful cars. For enthusiasts searching for intense emotions and a massive dose of adrenaline combined with the practicality of everyday solutions. With just a little extravagance mixed in for good measure.” And what a good measure it is indeed. Taking into mind the aspects they want to provide for drivers, the cockpit has been redesigned to offer an amplitude of area, and the doors open in a traditional manner as opposed to the previous prototype’s “scissor” doors. The word Arrinera is said to be derived from Basque and Italian, meaning ‘truly streamlined’, which explains why the look of the car is characterized by lines indicating constant movement; intersecting, disappearing and re-emerging across the body. Now if we could only see it open up and take off in real life. Although Poland isn’t the first place that comes to mind when it comes to supercars, the Arrinera Hussarya is built with strength and speed in mind; beastly capabilities masked with beauty. Although, just like the De Veno before it, the Hussarya may remind buyers a little too much of its Lamborghini source material inspiration. The car will only be available in 33 units, arriving no later than the end of 2013. Click through the Gallery for a better look at the exterior design of the Arrinera Hussarya.

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