31 Aug
The not quite restoration, almost retro concept from TMCars

As a tribute to the 30th anniversary and overall utility of the iconic BMW E30 body style, TMCARS presents their BMW E30-based TM Concept30 — the first production-ready concept from the Budapest-based design studio. It’s not every day you see a concept based on a 30-year old car, but given the universal love and acclaim of one of BMW’s most landmark vehicles the attention is warranted. The idea was to maintain the original body’s legendary design, while giving it a bit of a modern update. The TM Concept30 follows the traditional ‘German’ school, where the lines are more logical and clear. This can be seen all over the body which has kept the main character lines of the original E30, such as the shoulder line which runs from the headlamps along the sides to the taillamps. There’s a few nods to car stylings from the 80’s as well: the side of the car features rubber stripes, which also protect doors from damage. The car has been designed in two versions, as many people continue to use their e30’s in races. The street version keeps all the roof and the glasses of the original e30 coupe, and the wheel arches are designed for the original suspension with a slightly widened rim or with small spacers. The race version however keeps all windows of the original, but the C pillar is wider, and the wheelarches can be custom-made for any suspension and wheel geometry that is used on the race car. If you’re interested in putting together this 12-piece not quite restoration, almost retro car, shoot TMCars an e-mail for more details.

Click through the Gallery for a better look at the TM concept30…

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