1 Aug
You Can't Be a Half Gangster.

There’s been a lot of talk lately centering around the Best Shows on TV. And while Mad Men and Breaking Bad get their much due respect (as well as deceased seminal titles like The Wire and Sopranos), I always marvel at how little attention Boardwalk Empire and Game Of Thrones get in the discussion. Both shows deserve just as much heft and critical praise in our humble opinion, but it seems like they’re a bit dismissed as Bowler Hat Sopranos and Lord Of the Rings With Boobies respectively. What gives, critics? Anyway, after a very tumultuous Season Two [SPOILER ALERT!] that saw Nucky put a bullet in Jimmy Darmody’s head, giving his protege a very cheeky stigmata, it does make you wonder in what direction Boardwalk Empire is going after snuffing out arguably its most likable character. [Quick Sidenote: I met Michael Pitt who plays Darmody on the series, and asked him about the sudden assassination. He claimed that he always knew Jimmy was going to get snuffed out, but expected it to happen at the end of Season 3, not Season 2. Which makes you think, maybe all the rumors about Pitt being difficult to work with could have some truth to them]. Although the trailer doesn’t show much, it does get the blood moving in anticipation for the next season. NFL & Boardwalk Empire, two very good reasons to not mourn the end of summer…

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