8 Aug
Celebrate a culinary Dia de los Muertos every day of the year

Chocolate skulls are the perfect edible arrangement if you wish it was Dia de los Difuntos every day of the year, to hell with Damien Hirst. Leaving all recent media run-ins with drug-induced cannibalism behind us as a human race, these skulls come in three different shades of chocolate — White, Dark and the aptly named Bone (my mouth is watering just thinking about them). The chocolate skulls, which are modeled on real skulls, are made of high-quality Belgian chocolate. If you keep them in a warm and dry place, the 2.5kg hand cast chocolate skulls are edible for up to a year. Hand cast means that the skulls have artisanal imperfections; like distressed jeans, the chocolate has been cast to look worn and old, sort of like leather. These skulls require no spiritual awakening, but may benefit from small sacrifices — starting with $547 to the fellows over at Firebox.

One more detailed look at the Chocolate Skulls after the Jump…

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