28 Aug
Ditch the ice cubes for your favorite single malt scotch

When you’re done drinking yourself stupid on $4 pickle-back shots of Jack Daniels (goodbye, college) and are ready to move onto the adult stuff, don’t pull a rookie move and drop ice cubes into your cup — unless you’re looking to water down your favorite whisky drink and ruin it. You need an ice ball. Why? Because a sphere has the lowest surface area of any solid, meaning less ice content in your drink, and slower dilution. Luckily, you won’t need to hunt down large blocks of ice to mold into ice balls as The Cirrus Press will do that for you. Currently manufactured in the U.S., The Cirrus Press provides high quality and better functionality than more expensive ice presses. Of course, just like your favorite single malt scotch, The Cirrus Press ain’t cheap — get yours for $799.

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