9 Aug
$579,000 worth of bulletproof Fuck You! to the 99%

Conquest Vehicles made quite a splash last year when they introduced the ever-so-subtle Knight XV Luxury Bulletproof SUV, and they figured it was time to double down on obnoxious indulgence. Their latest monstrosity offering, the Conquest Evade, is based on the Ford F-550 Super Duty and is loaded with the same sort of armoring and luxury appointments that has come to be expected of the Toronto, Canada-based builder. Which is perfect, for when you drive around fully cocooned in $579,000 of high grade leathers and alcantara, you really don’t want to be bothered by the unemployed swarms of great unwashed. That’s where the ballistic hardened steel and fully armored security of the altered military vehicle will come in handy, such as its joystick-operated 360-degree exterior lighting and bulletproof glass. The Conquest Evade is available with either a petroleum or diesel engine, while dropping significant weight from its predecessor’s 13,000 lb beltline thanks to new aluminum/steel blend panels. The bulletproof luxury SUV also features  2+2 limousine style seating, laptop trays, three sunroofs and over 400 cubic feet of cabin space. Ballin, in a very dickbag sort of way.

One more look at the Conquest Vehicles “Evade” Luxury SUV after the Jump…