2 Aug
A really quick & boozy way to make your date dry heave

The mariposa gusano, or worm, added by American bottlers of such fine Mexican swill as cheap mezcal has become a modern legend, regardless of the fact that it began as nothing more than a sales gimmick in the 1940s. Now, thanks to some gringos over in England, the grandest member of the Oligochaeta family — the large, repulsive, ridged earthworm — has been added to a bottle of haze-inducing classic English Gin to create not your mom’s form of preservatives. English Garden Worm Gin will add a certain exotic food/booze warrior/ignoramus status to your bar, the alcohol equivalent of an Andrew Zimmern testicle taco. Drink responsibly and remember that worm is an aphrodisiac… unless anyone actually sees you eating it, which probably won’t get you far with anyone outside of a blacked out coed on sorority row (you’re favorite type, Gutierrez). English Garden Worm Gin features a 37.5% alcohol dry Gin, and can be yours for $31.

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