1 Aug
Documenting creative skin art in a post-mainstream culture

The upcoming book Forever: The New Tattoo edited by R. Klanten and F. Schulze documents tattoos that are still breaking new ground in a culture where the artform has gone mainstream. Any walk through Silverlake or Brooklyn (nevermind Nashville, Austin, Portland, San Francisco, etc etc) will quickly dispel the myth of the tattoo as symbol of the underground, so to truly make a unique statement with skin ink requires some serious creativity. I mean the last time I was hanging out with all people who didn’t have tattoos we thought it was such a special occasion that we considered starting a band together. Forever is a stunning collection of text and visuals about the new tattoo underground; the book shows that one good thing about the ubiquity of tattoos is that it forces innovators to broaden their spectrum of creativity. The book includes text from many pioneers in the tattoo industry including Nick Schonberger of Alex Binnie, Yann Black, Scott Campbell, Curly, El Monga, Fergadelic, Mike Giant, Thomas Hooper, Jon John, Alix Lambert, Guy Le Tatooer, Duke Riley, Robert Ryan, Jonas Uggli, Amanda Wachob, and Duncan X. Check out the gallery below for some truly keen new tattoo ground.

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