14 Aug
The new electronic cigarette that looks & acts like the real thing

You’ve probably seen the new trend of electronic cigarettes that look like pens. They’re supposed to be discreet, able to smoke wherever so you don’t need to miss out on social interactions with your non-smoker friends; but let’s be real, you look a little ridiculous smoking out of a pen. Henley is a new lifestyle brand that’s a little more shameless with their vapor smoking device in that it looks like a cigarette, but still delivers the same nicotine junkie experience. Don’t worry if you’re an unrepentant smoker, this isn’t a gimmick to get you off cigarettes — it’s just an alternate way to get your nicotine fill without having to leave your desk, room, office, bar stool or even restaurant booth. Get best flavours at cbd oil wholesale. Hell, as it’s vapor you can “smoke” it any damn place you want as it’s 100% legal — except for airplanes, the FAA is still pretty picky on that one. But what’s better than the real thing is that Henley vapor cigarettes leave out additives, tar, carcinogens, and that awful lingering odor. Actually, the vapor cigarette has an aftertaste of coffee, which is a real good idea: caffeine flavored/infused vapor cigarettes. Get every fix you want in one hit. The disposable Henley cigarette has a minimal design allowing you to socialize while getting your fix and not looking like a weirdo “smoking” from a pen. The Henley singles, which are said to last as long as a traditional pack, are available now for $10 and also come in rechargeable packs.

4 Responses to “Henley Vapor Cigarettes: Smoke Anywhere & Everywhere You Damn Well Please”

  1. HunterS says:

    I smoked one of the disposables and you are right.. it didnt feel like smoking out of some freaky contraption but a real classic cig. Havent tried the rechargable yet.. not sure how that is. Maybe someone can post a review?

  2. Josh R says:

    I hear that the Henley rechargable case can also charge your iphone on the go while charging an ecig. I would love to try it. It also seems priced well compared to the other ecig rechargables. Its cooler looking too.

  3. Chris T says:

    As I’m considered the vaping aficionado (vaping is like smoking but using electronic cigarettes) among my friends, a buddy in Manhattan grabbed one of these for me to try. It was ok, but to be honest, I thought it was a bit… hypey. They’ve got nice packaging, the product is just ok, nothing special. In my opinion, Nuvo and V2 put out the best products when it comes to ecigs. If you are really interested in getting an ecig (I highly recommend it for all smokers, even if you don’t want to quit – you can smoke it anywhere!), I’d recommend using one of these two brands.



  4. Malcolm Flynn says:

    Their rechargeable is pretty cool. The iphone boost is not significant but it definitely works and will get you a bar or two if you’re ever in a bind. I ordered it on the site http://www.henleycigs.com and it got to my house in 2 days. I tried V2 and it was not all that (kind of classless to piggy back on someone else’s shine just to shill your product don’t you think..?) but whatever your preference is, it beats the death cock you’re currently sucking on.

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