8 Aug
Polish photographer's telescopic capturing of verdant images

Polish lensman Marcin Sobas elevates his craft of landscape photography to an exceptionally high caliber of brilliance. His approach is unique in that instead of capturing the entirety of the landscape, he uses a telephoto zoom lens which allows him to take tightly cropped shots that appear both immense in scale, but extremely specific in scope. His mesmerizing images of agricultural fields and hills of Tuscany, Italy and the Czech Republic state of Moravia (above) look as if they are phot0-realistic paintings rather than images taken from behind a lens. Sobas executes his work with a very keen attention to weather and lighting conditions, as well as highly selective post-processing so that photos maintain an original climate. To see more of Sobas’ work and learn more about him and his process, visit 500px.

via Colossal

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