If you’re in the market to get your James Bond or Hugh Hefner swag on (aren’t we all?), the new silk smoking jacket from Sydney’s esteemed gentleman’s brand Le Noeud Papillon are your perfect fit, literally. We’ve been fans of Le Noeud Papillon for awhile now, ever since seeing their Jacquard Woven Silk Bow Ties, and these smoking jackets only further their well considered label. Each jacket is tailor made in Milan, crafted of Jacquard woven silks, and takes about 6 weeks to be completed — currently being made to order only, guaranteeing bespoke quality. In fact, the black and white jacket we’ve featured above is its internet premiere (we’re as fancy as these jackets, clearly). Don’t plan on doing much romping around in this fine silk garment though, they’re strictly for home wear: cool nights by the fire with a glass of your finest scotch and a Cuban cigar. With perhaps a lovely dame on your lap to enjoy it with. Hit the Jump to see several more silk smoking jackets and inquire here as to how you can have one of your very own.

More looks at the Le Noeud Papillon’s shimmering Silk Smoking Jackets after the Jump…

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