6 Aug
Italian-made mid-high nappa leather & nubuck shoes

Maison Martin Margiela splatters the iconic replica sneaker from its line 22 with paint. Originally inspired by an Austrian Sports Shoe from the 70s, the Italian made replica sneaker basks indiscriminantly in splattered paint, toe up. Perfect for the wall street executive who lives in the “arty neighboorhood” — no one besides Maison Martin Margiela is making it easier for you to fake it. When the ladies ask you how the long day in the studio has gone, just apologize, say you’re so sorry you couldn’t go home and change after work. With an upper in smooth nappa and nubuck, a leather lining and logo on the heel, the shoe rests on a firm rubber sole so you can totally pole vault, or whatever it is that you do. The mid-high shoes are 100% beige, which means they go with anything. Pick them up the Paint Splattered Maison Martin Margiela sneakers at Tres Bien for $460.

One more look at the Maison Martin Margiela Paint Splattered sneakers after the Jump…

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