14 Aug
The Cali artist will start selling his one-of-a-kind pet bunnies today

Long-time LIAS collaborator Max Neutra is one of Los Angeles’ best rising contemporary artists. You may have seen him paint live at our End Days get-together in 2009, or you have made the smartest decision of your life and entered in our contest to win his dope ass Boombox piece. If you’re butthurt that you weren’t the winner of that one-of-a-kind piece, or you’re interested in him simply for his undeniable awesomeness, check out his latest work entitled Into Oblivon. This collection of cut-out bunnies stems from a canvas the artist designed while painting on stage at a late night dance party. Exhausted at 2 am with two more hours to go, the consistently gonzo/grotesque artist drew inspiration from looking out at the the crazy human beings dancing in the crowd (wonder what was catalyzing their journey “into oblivion”…?). The bunnies are part of a 16 piece series, each of which took at least two hours to make. These aren’t just paintings either. Each of them is a unique shape cut out of birchwood, and some are even engineered to sit/stand rather than just hang on the wall. They’ve been kicking back in Neutra’s studio all of June and July which practically make them his own pets. The series dropped this morning, so if you want to claim one of these bunnies visit 1XRun before they sell out…

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