6 Aug
Martin Backes cheeky ode to German Secretary of the Interior

If you’re planning on protesting, joining the Occupy movement or simply throwing a couple Molotov cocktails for kicks at the next G8 meeting — and you don’t want your face filmed by innumerable CCTV cameras and government surveillance — there are few better ways to mask your identity than this Pixelhead ski mask from Martin Backes. Getting a bit cheeky with his craft, Backes has chosen the pixelated image of German Secretary of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich as the visage of choice, although it’s clearly impossible to tell who it really is. Which I guess is the point, isn’t it. The Pixelhead mask is made of the same elastic fabric found in beach and sports gear, which means you can hide your identity and stay relatively comfy without fear of overheating… which will come in handy when the cocktails start flying. Limited to only 333 masks, the identity-saving Pixelhead balaclava can be yours for just $185 (€150).

More looks at Martin Backes’ Pixelhead Mask after the Jump…

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