22 Aug
30-minutes of breakbeats to make your Summer 2012 memorable

Any day that the Stanton Warriors drop a new mix is a good day, so ergo today is a wonderful day. I’ve been a bit disappointed by the last couple times the brothers Stanton got behind the turntables live, as their usually epic breaks mixes have begun to be watered down by what we lovingly refer to as “Big Room Douchebag Dance”, aka the brainless EDM fodder festival DJs are tripping over themselves to play to hair-gelled ass monkeys dancing on tables pretending to have fun. By the sounds of this 30-minute Stanton Sessions Vol.4: Summer Promo 2012 mix, the Stanton Warriors are recommitting to their breakbeat girlfriends like a regretful philanderer, which is a reassuring sign. The last 10 minutes are pretty much pure hotness — you could sizzle the hot dogs at your summer BBQ this weekend with it. As they describe, the set is cut from a recent 3 hour set at a Bulgarian beach party — sounds appropriate. You only got a couple weekends left to make your Summer of 2012 memorable, make ’em count…

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