9 Aug
The Rain Dog gets awkward, inspires Heath Ledger's Joker

Tom Waits and Don Lane have really bad screen chemistry. Lane’s sincere admiration and Waits’s well meaning sacrilege clash like Jesus in the Parthenon. Of course neither is a holy deity, but Waits is more 40s screen star gone wrong than ever before, while Lane sort of acts on as Mother Hen, or as Tom Waits says, “I feel like I’m at my Grandmother’s.” If you like Tom Waits this interview is a must see as he’s shown projecting a singular charm that can only be ascribed to him. Lane acts like a business consultant while Waits puts him in his place, just like he sued Frito-Lay back in 1988 for using a song of his in their commercial. As Waits is avidly anti-commercial, it’s pretty amazing he ever even appeared on the Don Lane show. Supposedly this interview is Heath Ledger’s model for his appearance as Joker in The Dark Knight. When asked how he succeeded with a voice like he has, Waits says, “It was a choice between entertainment and a career in air conditioning and refrigeration,” as in that’s what is propelling him forward. Well thank-gawd he didn’t have more options…

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