15 Aug
Hand-made top grain leather device to bypass security

If you’re a man, looking manly and cowboy-ish always looks good and if you’re a woman it’s in style right now to look manly. So it’s a perfect moment for this hand-made top grain leather vice holster which allows your top two vices to hang over your shoulders — kind of like the good angel and bad angel. Except now there’s only two bad angels. The Vice Holster actually comes with a flask (purple drank anyone?) but the other vice pocket is really up to you… (cigarettes… cell phone… weed… Peruvian Marching Powder…). Wear it around your neck over both shoulders for vice appeal, perfect to circumvent sports games or concert security pat-downs. It stays secure with snap enclosures and is actually adjustable via screw back rivets. This holster is made-to-order and can be custom dyed. Purchase it on etsy for $145. Just don’t talk to Cops… ever.

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