13 Aug
A eulogy to commemorate the life & music of pre-9/11 New York

William Basinski will be collaborating with Temporary Residence Ltd. to commemorate the 10-year anniversary, and induction into the National September 11 Memorial Museum, of The Disintegration Loops on September 11, 2012. The avant-garde composer had originally created The Disintegration Loops while trying to preserve a box of his old ambient tape loops by transferring them to digital recordings. During this process, the tape machine’s recording head magnetic material began to flake off, meaning the sound was literally disintegrating as the recording went on. The work was originally finished September 10th, 2001 and debuted at a rooftop party that happened to coincide with the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, adopting new significance to the recordings as a eulogy to pre-9/11 New York.

This massive limited-edition box set includes all four historic volumes of The Disintegration Loops, plus a pair of live orchestral performances from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the 54th Venice Music Biennale, both of which are previous unreleased. The box set also includes remastered recordings from the original pressed onto 100% virgin vinyl for the first time, as well as the remastered versions on 5 CDs, an extremely rare 63-minute The Disintegration Loops film on DVD and a 144-page full-color coffee table book featuring rare photos and liner notes by Basinski Antony, David Tibet of Current 93, Ronen Givony of The Wordless Music Series, James Elaine, and Michael Shulan, Creative Director of The National September 11 Memorial Museum.

The Disintegration Loops has never appeared on vinyl, and will never appear so again outside of this extensive, breathtakingly beautiful collection. Listen to the remastered version of “dlp 1.3”, a sentimental and soothing ten-minute loop. Pre-order the limited edition deluxe box set of The Disintegration Loops for $225.

Full Tracklisting of William Basinski’s “The Disintegration Loops” after the Jump…

William Basinski – Dlp 1.3 (Remastered 2012) by Temporary Residence Ltd

1. dlp 1.1 (63:36)
2. dlp 2.1 (10:50)
3. dlp 2.2 (32:40)
4. dlp 3 (41:51)
5. dlp 4 (20:11)
6. dlp 5 (52:21)
7. dlp 6 (40:37)
8. dlp 1.2 (21:44)
9. dlp 1.3 (11:58)
10. dlp 1.1 Live at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 11, 2011 (42:34)
11. dlp 1.1 Live at The 54th Venice Music Biennale, October 18, 2008 (15:16)

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