7 Aug
New York artist Sara Cwynar's "Accidental Archives " project

Accidental Archives is an accumulation, arrangement and documentation of images and objects aimed to create an organized and material record of personal experience. In her latest project, New York-based artist, graphic designer and book-maker Sara Cwynar chooses items from her own archive of saved objects, personal photographs and found images to create densely-layered compositions simply categorized by color.

But from this most obvious trait her studies move to their own narratives, associations and feelings that yield a sense of order and meaning apart from apparent randomness. This study deals with the tropes of photography, the still life, the news photo or even the leftover photo of your ex-boyfriend. It’s about working through all the souvenirs, junk and forgotten memories we accumulate during our lives and thus somehow raise questions about the role of physicality in photography and how we see and understand our culture. Cwynar’s skills as a graphic designer for The New York Times Magazine as well as on her broad artistic practice of photography, collage, installation, video and bookmaking are all readily apparent in this Accidental Archives project..

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