7 Sep
A silver alloy vintage watch that marks the hour with sound

Bell & Ross have preserved the enchantment of vintage timepieces with the PW1 and WW1 watch collection — which we covered almost exactly a year ago. Now they’ve sublimated those simple timepieces by manifesting them in a new oxidation-resistant alloy, Argentium. Doing so, the American watchmaker revives a common metal’s nobility allowing us to re-evaluate the true brilliance of silver. Another nice touch is the PW1 Répétition Minutes (minute reader) marks the hour just as the clocks of the past did: with sound instead of sight. A low-pitched melody resonates through the high quality silver case to indicate the hour, followed by a series of double low-pitched and high-pitched sounds for every five minutes that pass. Activating this exquisite complication is as simple as pressing a button on the lefthand side of the case. The WW1 Argentium models adhere to the same characteristics of the WW1 collection with a vintage look rendered by a domed glass, with the hands and index finished in appliqué metal. The WW1 Argentium differs from the original by its smaller 41 mm diameter, the unique luster of the silver case and finish, and the use of sapphire in its production. With manual winding movement, an elegant strap, and horns produced like wire handles soldered to the case, the WW1 is an emblem of the finest watch making-tradition. The WW1 is available in either Silver or Runtenium colors, and along with the PW1 Argentium is available in very limited quantities at Bell & Ross dealers.

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