Buying congratulatory, greeting and thank you cards is absolutely awful. They’re too cheesy, filled with mass produced false love and affection, and you usually end up writing your own note inside them anyway. I’ve actually refrained from buying cards because they can’t get my message across effectively. Luckily for me, and you, Calligraphuck sends just the right message with their letterpress cards that combine the elegant and once traditional craft of calligraphy with the diction of your average friend. Fucking perfect. When giving a Calligraphuck card, your friends and loved ones will be too distracted by the amazing calligraphy to be upset that you’re also cursing at them. Besides, who could be mad at you for appreciating a dying art? Give an all-around better greeting and congratulations with a Calligraphuck card for just $25. Peep the Gallery too for more awesome and profane greeting goodness.

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