5 Sep
Is the universe trying to tell me something today?

Christian Hosoi sure seems to be exorcising a lot of demons lately, first and foremost with his My Life as a Skateboarder, Junkie, Inmate & Pastor book. I guess he wants all the kids to learn from his past mistakes, which must be the motivation for this latest video he made for Vans, under their Classic Tales series. I’d like to say his story of partying on the shores of Hawaii is a cautionary tale, but you can’t really say that because all it makes me want to do is run out and find the nearest cow patch, eat a fistful of shrooms and hit the beach. Maybe if I did, I’d look something like Homer Buddha. Is the universe trying to tell me something today? Maybe I’m just supposed to put this damn keyboard away and wander on down to the Boardwalk, take in the sun and sand, and see where the world takes me. Thanks Christian, you may be 12 years sober but your Classic Tales sure have inspired me to look at life a bit differently today…

Classic Tales – Christian Hosoi from Vans OffTheWall.TV on Vimeo.

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