10 Sep
Channel your dusty mixtapes directly onto your iPhone or iPod

You can always count on Hammacher Schlemmer to provide stuff that you never knew you wanted, but then realize you cannot live without (e.g. their Fighting Super Bionic Robots, “Thunderclap” Alarm Clock or Swiss Army Knife Chocolates). Such is the case with their Cassette To iPod Converter — a simple piece of digital magic that converts your old tapes directly onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. It will also record to your PC or Mac, but that’s not nearly as interesting. So all you gotta do is dust off your old DJ Icey tapes, insert them into the Soundwave-looking contraption, slide in your iPhone, and press play. And record. Tapes can be listened to using the headphone jack (headphones required), or by connecting its audio output to a stereo system so you can scan forward or reverse to select tracks for conversion. How easy is that? Buy the Cassette To iPod Converter over at Hammacher Schlemmer for $80.

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