18 Sep
Lather up with Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation & Xbox

“Let’s face it, gamers have always had an uneasy relationship with cleanliness (and exercise) but we’re pretty sure that this is simply because no one ever tried to market washing in the right way. After all, why would anyone break their epic Mario Kart session to get off the couch and use a boring piece of plain soap?” asks Firebox in relation to their new video game controller-shaped Gamer Soaps. And we couldn’t agree more — you have to get into the mind of a Gamer Nerd to compel the Gamer Nerd to bathe. The only problem being possibly the price, as they range from $16 to $21 per “bar” — that’s quite a few bags of Doritos “Flavor blasted” Cool Ranch chips, the standard metric for most gamer nerds. Lather up with vegan-friendly recreations of controllers from your favorite systems: Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sony Playstation and Xbox. The classic controllers are a UK exclusive to Firebox, and are all scented with ‘Energy Citrus’ fragrance. Get your nerd on while getting clean over at Firebox.

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