What do you get when you give the simplest of souls that which he seeks most? In the case of Homer J. Simpson and frosted donuts, you get a level of contentment on par with the most disciplined and enlightened of Zen monks. Ergo, Homer Buddha. Kidrobot has teamed up with The Simpsons to craft this most simple of collectible toys — and yet there is true beauty in its simplicity (like Zen itself, I guess). Just looking at Homer’s face of ultimate contentment brings me profound peace this morning. Just five minutes ago I was all stressed out about getting my car’s tags registered and paying this ridiculous AmEx bill, and suddenly I feel one with the universe. I need to get one of these Homer Buddhas just to get me through the toughest days, when you forget that the most important things in life are the simple ones. Like frosted donuts, and pretzels. Mmmmmm… donuts. But who knew that so many of Homer’s iconic characteristics were already evidence of his sagely enlightenment? As Kidrobot describes:

“Long ears signify past wealth, a big head represents the disconnection between mind and body, a tuft of hair symbolizes great inner wisdom, and a giant fried dough topped with pink frosting and rainbow jimmies equals deliciousness.

With a pretzel in one hand, and beads in another, Homer passes down the oral tradition of donut eating.”

The 6-inch tall Homer Buddha drops tomorrow September 6th at Kidrobot boutiques and online $50 and comes packaged in a custom Chinese food take-out box, as seen below. Get yours tomorrow.

More pics of the Kidrobot x The Simpsons “Homer Buddha” after the Jump…