If you’re one of those people that think going through airport security is just too damn breezy and fun nowadays, Japanese streetwear label Nitraid wants to offer you a set of luggage that is sure to get the TSA’s attention. As everyone knows few people have a better sense of humor than airport security, who are sure to chuckle heartily and quickly wave you through when they recognize what a witty joker you are. Nitraid’s aptly named  “Dope Forrest” Luggage looks like it’s loaded with nuggets of the highest quality marijuana — aka California Gold, Kush, chronic, ganja, bammy, hippy lettuce, weed, grass, broccoli… you get the point. The carry-on size luggage features multi-directional rollers, approved TSA locks (you’re gonna need them), reinforced corner bumpers and large interior pouches. Just like those Luggage Stickers That Will Surely Get You Arrested, your Dope Forrest set will make traveling a fun gamble. Pick up your instant trip to airport jail Nitraid Luggage for about $500 (¥38,000) at Nitraid.

via Hypebeast

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