If you’re creating a website, developing an app, or looking to better develop and market your brand, the German-based brand management company Mutabor will be saving you a lot of time, creative effort and money with their new flexicover book Lingua Digitalis. Released by Gestalten, the book explores how to develop effective, memorable logos and icons for digital applications (iPad/iPhone apps, etc.) and interface design. Included in the book are over one thousand pieces of work, some of which are published for the first time. Along with 192 example-filled pages, Mutabor explains their own strategic process and also how designers can create a logo or design that’s applicable to various platforms. As a juicy added bonus, just to get you started Mutabor will give you 150 license-free premium icons when you purchase Lingua Digitalis. Or you can purchase them separately for $5. The Lingua Digitalis book will run you $40 and should be available in the U.S. soon. Browse the Gallery below to see a few of the icons, and note how effectively they can communicate your desired message to an audience.

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