Robert Crumb or R.Crumb, American illustrator of Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural and founder and pillar of the underground comix movement, has edited together a six-volume set including only what he believes to be his finest work. This includes hundreds of late period drawings not published in previous sketchbook collections, reflecting the second half of his career per request. The first six volumes cover 1964-1981 while volumes 7-12 cover 1982-2011. As of late, Crumb’s output of drawings has slowed considerably, making the 600 unseen drawings created between 1982 and 2011 a must-have for every Crumb fan and comic enthusiast. Each book in the boxed set contains 244 pages for a total of 1,344 pages of prime Crumb cut. This is a 1,000 limited edition copy and includes a singed color art print of the Crumb original “The Little Guy That Lives Inside My Brain”. The six-volume set can be purchased from TASCHEN for $1,000. Of course, for a better idea of some of the never-before-seen illustrations featured throughout the six volumes, look through the Gallery below and check out the individual volumes or ‘sketchbooks’ below the Gallery.


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