7 Sep
Ride 40 miles & up to 50 MPH with zero emissions

Australian electric bike company Stealth has created a post-apocalyptic yet environmentally conscious Bomber bike. Not impressed with the name? Give it a minute. Combine your leg strength with the Bomber’s 4.5w of electric power (via the 9-speed sequential gearbox) and you’re in store for quick starts and easier climbs on tough uphill commutes, all without making a peep. The CroMoly frame with front and rear adjustable suspension provide rigidity and shock absorption for excellent performance and a comfortable ride regardless of terrain. Dual hydraulic brakes provide solid stopping power while simultaneously providing regenerative braking to power the battery, just like technology found in hybrid cars. You can get 40 miles out of the Stealth Bomber bike with just one charge and accelerate up to 50 mph — that is if you have that much energy to give. The battery charges in two hours if you’re not feeling the whole ‘using my legs to do what and get where by WHEN?!’ routine, and would rather instead to rely on the bike’s power. Thanks, technology! Get more info on the sustainable Stealth Bomber bike here.

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