12 Sep
The Berlin artist carpet bombs the walls of Rennes, France

If anyone debunks the notion of street art as buildings tagged with incomprehensible spray-paint calligraphy and some sort of stencil-work it’s MTO. The Berlin artist creates large 3-dimensional imagery in which he incorporates the urban landscape he chooses into the movement of his work. His labor intensive procedure breeds paintings which are equally remarkable in their action as well as the quality of their detail — a large-scale style not totally dissimilar to ROA, with flashes of JR’s eye work. See more of MTO’s truly extravagant work here, and check out the timelapse video below to see the entire development of his latest pieces entitled The Legend of Fred Ille & Gwen Villaine. 

“Who wants to kill MTO ?” : MAKING-OF. from MTO (Graffiti – Street-art) on Vimeo.

via Juxtapoz

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