6 Sep
More music magic in mixtape form from Stephen Fasano

We’re hopeful you’re familiar with The Magician (Stephen Fasano) by now as we’ve posted plenty of his mixtapes, including my personal favorite, Magic Tape 22, older mixtapes like Magic Tape 12, and his BEAN mixtape. Today we’re bringing you his latest installment in the magic tapes, number 25. If you’re still buzzing from the weekend, excited to already be close to the end of another workweek, or simply need a Thursday morning pick-me-up, press play instantly. The hour-long mixtape is, per-usual, packed with dance and disco tunes that will not let you sit still. Unfortunately there’s no tracklisting as the Magician never reveals his tricks, but you’re welcome to stream and download the mixtape below for free and ID the tracks yourself. If you were paying attention to our Todd Terje x Hot Chip remix post Tuesday you might recognize it in the mixtape… but we don’t wanna give away any of our magic tricks, either…

Magic Tape Twenty-Five by TheMagician

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