14 Sep
Powell Peralta's classic 1987 skate film gets freed

We’ve expounded on the awesomeness of Search For Animal Chin many a time, the seminal Powell Peralta video that pretty much single-handedly launched the genre of the skate film. In 1987 the Bones Brigade video catapulted like a sortie from the skate pools of Los Angeles across the globe, giving kids from London to Louisiana, from Boise to Boston a hazy view of the sun drenched Southern California lifestyle — awash in brightly colored wheels, ripped clothing, splattered painter caps and of course copious skating. I cannot even tell you how many times the thinning tape of  Search For Animal Chin was slipped into the VHS player down at my boy Jeremy’s basement, where we got psyched up for our day of skating watching the pool, ramp and street skating antics of Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and the little known rookie of the squad — a youngin named Tony Hawk, who grew up to be a very successful video game programmer. True Story. Now the next generations of skateboarders can experience the early days of Search For Animal Chin, as it’s been made available for FREE download over at the Animal Chin site. Yaye! All you gotta do is enter your email, and it’s yours. Aaaah, if only the internet existed when I was a wee grommet…

Notorious Bones Brigade below, + hit the Jump to watch the trailer for Search For Animal Chin…

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