Akatre is arguably one of France’s most ingenious design agencies, creating remarkably innovative works since it was founded in Paris in only 2007. Comprised of Julien Dhivert, Sébastien Riveron and Valentin Abad, and now one of the most coveted studios in Paris, the agency takes on projects that execute an engrossed and comprehensive design approach. To showcase their contemporary intellect, Akatre has set their first design book, Zero to Five, for a US  release in the very near future. Its 176 pages of distinctively experimental visual creations are characterized by striking collages of seemingly menial objects, bold color swaths and elaborate photographic still-lifes. A distinguishing feature of much of Akatre’s designs is their photographic manifestation of subject matter which includes elaborate balancing acts, everyday objects exaggerated in multiplicity or left hovering in space, delicate body extensions, and the occasional wild animal.   Still, with the careful consideration of every detail, and the tight control of color and geometry, each work delivers a unique, yet visually pleasing aesthetic. Just check out the gallery below to see for yourself. Featuring both non-commissioned work and work designed for clients in art, culture, music, fashion and luxury fields, the book fully embodies Akatre’s endorsement of experimental and visual creations which intertwine the elements of photography, graphic design, web design and art. Because the studio develops pieces along all these platforms, each work requires an intense personal and emotional investment, rendering each project a personal exploration which also fosters the studio’s evolution. You can pick up Gestalten’s latest hardcover ode to progressive design for $28.

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