25 Oct
Michigan-via-Virginia rapper drops her latest 6-song EP

It’s a good day for music as Angel Haze drops her much anticipated mixtape Classick today. The “Werkin Girls” track off her previous EP Reservation has been remixed and reworked across genres, putting the young flowstress on a lot of people’s maps — even before her  debut LP comes out on Universal Republic. The 6-song EP serves as a sort of appetizer for the upcoming album, and features a candidly personal reworking of Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet” that will have you pinned to the speakers. Stream the Classick mixtape below, or download it HERE.

Stream the “Classick” mixtape plus “Shit I Don’t Like (Freestyle)” video below, and hit the Jump to see Angel Haze’s breakthrough “Werkin Girls” video…

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