26 Oct
Transform into Guy Fawkes with a couple folds of cotton

Need to hide your identity in a pinch? If you’re looking to exercise your right to assemble without wanting to get on the wrong side of an FBI database, you may want to get yourself one of these Anonymous “Occupy Wall Street” Bandanas. Bearing the visage of the infamous Guy Fawkes mask (made famous via the V for Vendetta comic and film), all you gotta do is fold the bandana in half to transform into the famous provocateur, freedom fighter and rabblerouser. Made of a breathable 100% cotton batiste, the fabric is slightly translucent so if the shit ever really hits the fan you can wear it in full over you face — though hopefully you never find yourself in that scenario. The Anonymous “Occupy Wall Street” Bandana also comes printed with some sage advice for safe protesting, thoughts on dealing with the police, how to dress for protest success and important numbers to call in the event of interactions with the law — all that protection, info and sagely wisdom for just $15.

One more color look at the Anonymous “Occupy” Bandana after the Jump…